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The Travelers


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I have always had an interest in learning about animals. However, my love of animals really came to life when I accepted a job at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium as a costume character! Greeting excited guests as they encountered some of their favorite animals from nature was INCREDIBLE! Add in how funny it was to greet them while I was dressed like a polar bear and you can vaguely see the inception of what will eventually lead me to Trav's Travels! 


I graduated from Miami University with my bachelors degree in Zoology and further pursued my education with Miami University through their Project Dragonfly program where I had the honor of traveling the world to experience conservation first hand! Through this experience  I went to Baja, California and tracked whale sharks. I also went to Australia and conducted great barrier reef health monitoring. I even had a chance to visit the cheetah conservation fund in Namibia to learn how cheetahs live amongst humans. All of these opportunities made me realize how important it is to share these stories with the world!

With the help of the Traveler family, I have been able to share these stories (and more) in a fun and engaging way for people all over the world. There is no better way to encourage environmental stewardship than to share just how amazing it can be when people work hard to save animals. 

Michael Schondek


Mike Schondek (he/him) is an experimental artist from Boston, MA. With a background in Film and TV production he joined the Trav’s Travels crew originally as an editor but quickly became involved in the writing and overall creative direction. When not working on Trav’s Travels he can be found working on comics, short films or phone applications or working on the promotion teams of interactive theater companies, game developers, classical orchestras and more. In the rest of his time he would like to sleep.

Eric Promani


Eric is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, recording engineer, and performer hailing from the Bay Area of California. With musical roots in classic rock and soul, and while growing up during the hyphy movement, his education at the Berklee College of Music was like being taught an already fluent language. Being a part of twenty different bands with eighteen years of drumming; music and creating is second nature.


After studying the drums, synthesis, and production in Boston, the cold drove Eric back to California where he has worked with many different groups, bands, businesses, venues, symphonies, and artists. During his brief few years in Los Angeles he has landed press in Billboard, supported live acts varying from TLC to Jay Som, helped in different facets with sessions for Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake, to Johnny Depp, and worked with engineers for shows like The Walking Dead, Outlander, and Agents of SHIELD. Eric believes that music is a part of him, and it is a part of life. Everybody’s life, and he is here to help you find it!

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