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The Trav's

The animal kingdom is truly fascinating! It is often hard for us to stop and think about what lengths animals must go to survive in the wild!


The Trav Family is fascinated with all facets of animal life! Each Trav has a unique interest and they learn valuable life lessons from animals in each episode of Trav's Travels.


Builder Trav

The Handy Trav

"Looks like this is a job for a monkey wrench!"
Builder Trav has an extensive background in building and furnishing homes, not only for humans but also a multitude of animals. He has worked alongside eagles to build nest, beavers to build dams and dogs to build houses. If it’s built steady you can bet it’s built by Builder Trav.
Likes: Screwdrivers, Flannel, safety First
Dislikes: Limited Warranties
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